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Introducing KUBO Supper Clubs! This idea was a long time coming for KUBO and we're so excited to bring you a more hands on experience with Filipino food.

Our aim is to take you all on a journey around the Philippines through food, social interactions and of course.. Kamayans!

Kubo is built around the kamayan way of eating and Filipino culture at it's core and we are so excited to give you all the ultimate Filipino food experience. 

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Want to attend?

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Thanks for you interest!

KUBO is a one of a kind Filipino food experience in Belfast.

Born from tradition and family recipes, we strive to bring the flavours of the philippines to northern ireland through modern techniques while educating about the unique filipino culture through food, events and supper clubs.

Kubo is home to Belfast's first authentic Kamayan Kit -

boodle style, Banana leaf lined boxes filled

with authentic Filipino dishes!

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Red and Blue Philippines Independence Day Instagram Post (Poster) (Instagram Post (Square)

Kubo Events

We are on a mission to not only bring you all the best of filipino cuisine, but to also educate about the filipino culture. We have such a diverse, deep and rich history in the philippines and such a rich culture, we want to bring that to you all in the form of amazing events and festivals that will immerse you into all things Philippines!

we are currently on the look for filipino food businesses, artisans and performers. if you or know someone who is interested in showcasing this, please apply

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